Payroll outsourcing

Wages and labor issues are one of the most sensitive areas in a company’s life. The employees’ wages, benefit packages and personal data must be kept safe not only from the external but also from the internal prying people. Outsourcing also has the following benefits

When is it worth outsourcing the payroll?

  there is a cafeteria system     a cost-effective solution is required
    there are several shifts with different  bonus payment for working non-standard hours and overtime allowances    
  the employees regularly go abroad   variable pay based on complicated rules  
    also for small businesses of 1-2 employees or factories of hundreds of people  

experienced experts are required




Thus, entrusting an external service provider is a good decision not only because of the difference between the payroll wage + other benefits + workplace expenses + payroll software usage fee and the service fee.

Payroll management services of BPO

What can you expect if the payroll accounting of your company is outsourced to BPO?

              What are our Clients looking for?        What solution does BPO offer?
Confidentiality    bérszámfejtés bér és tb ügyintéző cég budapesten       It is very important for our company that the calculation of gross and net wages and bonuses should be confidential information within the company and only the competent persons should know about them.
  We have a privacy policy. Files containing net payroll data are protected with password. Independence – knowing that others have no access to their wage data – is also a safety factor for employees.
Real responsibility, guarantee   bérszámfejtés bér és tb ügyintéző cég budapesten   We would like to have a guarantee that in case of an error, the damage will be reimbursed to us.
  We have liability insurance, which is a real guarantee for the companies; in case of a mistake the insurer would refund the damage.
Guarantee for continuity and quality of payroll service
  bérszámfejtés bér és tb ügyintéző szolgáltató   How can it be resolved that a possible illness, holiday or resignation does not compromise the continuity of payroll?   We work with a highly trained and experienced payroll team. With their help, the service is continuous and guaranteed to be of a high standard, since at least one member of the team is always available.
Cost-efficiency   bérszámfejtés bér és tb ügyintéző cég budapesten   We need foreseeable social security and payroll accounting (cost of payroll software, follow-up fee, vocational training fees)   BPO payroll fee includes a full monthly payroll service: availability on daily professional issues, all incidental costs such as payroll software fee, follow-up charges, fees for vocational trainings, IT infrastructure and maintenance fees, etc.
High-level domestic and international professional knowledge (e.g. dealing with cross-border wage issues)   bérszámfejtés bér és tb ügyintéző cég budapesten   If we do not want to seek the advice of a tax consultant in a special salary and/or social security issue.   Thanks to our extensive knowledge, 15+ years of domestic and international experience and background as well as our partnership with MGI Worldwide, our highly qualified professionals are at your disposal in any difficult professional issues.































Why choose BPO payroll services?

Our client is a Budapest-based company with Hungarian ownership, which also supplies abroad. It has 10 employees, so it is not considered to be a large company, but due to the scope of its activities, it has special payroll requirements like, for example, the management and refunding of expenses in business travel abroad, payroll accounting of foreign subsistence allowances, payroll accounting of dividends and dividend advances to the Hungarian owner, payment of bonuses and avoidance of double taxation in case of foreign postings.

Since BPO is familiar with the special needs, therefore, this type of salary and social security administration does not pose a problem to us.

Our client is a factory with hundreds of employees who work in 12-hour afternoon and night shifts. Our client requires the possibility of an online attendance register and expects that checking the completion of the register and transferring and checking the data to the payroll software should not be their duty, and the net wages can only be seen by a restricted number of people, so net wages are transferred to the bank software in a package, so transfers do not have to be recorded individually. In such a large company, the reports, the various lists the content of which can vary monthly according to the company’s needs and the continuous availability are of utmost importance, as in case of a large company, employees continuously enter and leave, apply for sick pay and childcare benefits, shift changes, holiday management, etc.,

Doing the payroll accounting of more than 2,500 people and with the assistance of the most advanced IT background, these types of payroll accounting are not a problem for us.

Our client is a foreign company not registered in Hungary that wants to employ Hungarian employees in Hungary and does not want to set up a company because of this. It requires that the entire payroll accounting, transfers, labor documents, employment contracts and the monthly taxes and contributions to be transferred to the tax authority should be in order, and ask for help in special double taxation issues. As not registered in Hungary, it is of primary importance to the company to be able to arrange everything in one place.

It is no problem for our experienced professional team to meet these special needs.

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