Employment counseling

By applying allocated cumulative working hours, you can effectively reduce working hours and labor costs. We can give advice on the establishment of allocated cumulative working hours, while our payroll specialist colleagues carry out the supervision and settlement of the correct compliance of allocated cumulative working hours.

In today's econimic world it is very important to decide in what relationship should we do activities or have them done. We give advice in accordance with the ever-changing legislation so that our clients can choose a more cost effective way to conduct their activities. We recommend relationships to permanent, temporary or ad hoc jobs as well as to owners and representatives of companies to carry out their tasks.
Upon termination of the employment relationship our expertc will help to have the official documents properly and accurately supplied and the remunerations paid to the employees. We can also give advice in the event of collective redundancy on the obligations and help that can be given to the employees with tax incentives or exempt from tax.

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