Payroll services and consultancy for employers residing abroad

In the European Union, multinational companies have more flexible, borderless opportunities for employers, as in many cases, they can employ people working abroad. If a foreign company want to employ a Hungarian resident in Hungary, but only for that reason the company does not want to establish a company in Hungary, the payroll calculation of the Hungarian employees of a foreign company is an excellent opportunity.

payroll calculation of the Hungarian employees of a foreign companyWho do we recommend this service to?

  • Foreign companies that are not incorporated in Hungary and do not need to to be established in Hungary.
  • Foreign companies that employ or are planning to employ residents of Hungary under an employment with an obligation of insurance in Hungary.

In such cases, it is in any case an efficient and good decision to entrust the Hungarian service provider knowing best the Hungarian law applicable to the foreign company with the payroll calculation of its Hungarian employees and the related consultancy. That’s why our international clients choose our company to provide them with payroll services, because due to our extensive professional knowledge, over 15 years of experience, and our international membership and background at MGI Worldwide, we have the expertise to handle cross-border payroll issues and our highly qualified staff is available for our clients on professional issues.

Within our payroll services concerning the Hungarian employees of foreign companies, we can provide full payroll calculations, arrange money transfers, employment documents and contracts and transfers of monthly taxes and contributions to the tax authority.  And if you have a special double taxation issue, with their experience, our professional team can provide you with advice.

What do our payroll services concerning the Hungarian employees of foreign companies cover?

According to our experiences, foreign companies use the following payroll processes in case of their Hungarian employees:

  • advising on whether it is sufficient to request the payroll calculation of their Hungarian employees and they need to establish a company in Hungary
  • arranging the first registration with the tax authority
  • registering and de-registering insured employees
  • monthly payroll calculations
  • calculation of taxes and contributions payable monthly, providing the company with the exact amounts
  • preparation of returns
  • issue of certifications
  • preparing reports and GL postings for the accounting of the foreign company as employer
  • financial services (bank transfers): transfer of net salaries and/or social charges (optional), payroll consulting on request (payroll planning and calculations)
  • preparation of annual personal income tax return (for an additional hourly fee)
  • requesting tax certificates (special order)
  • statistical reports
  • cafeteria counseling
  • administrative tasks related to benefits-in-kind (e.g. cafeteria)
  • administration of health insurance benefits/allowances (sickness benefit, infant care allowance, childcare allowance, etc.)
  • employment services

Of course, in each case, we tailor our services to the needs of our clients.

What characterizes the payroll services of BPO?

Payroll services and consultancy for employers residing abroad  employ people working in Hungary

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