Introduction of ERP systems

There is no such thing as a bad ERP program, just wrong installation and/or insufficient training. Accounting executives who undertake to replace their usual accounting system are in a difficult situation.

Consultant companies that implement an ERP system ask questions that are trivial to an accounting manager and none that should be considered thoroughly. The introduction of an ERP system means not only the installation of a software: the establishment of the entire accounting system should be considered again from receiving the invoices, through their procession, until the preparation of financial statements. All this has to be done beside the daily tasks, which, let's face it, seems pretty incredible. Our experts have participated in the implementation of several ERP systems as consultants so far. Whether it is SAP or SAP Business One or Microsoft Navision, we know what the system can do and how the financial and accounting processes can be customized in the most optimal way according to the company's needs.


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