PIT return in Hungary: the most important deadlines

PIT return: the most important deadlines

| Wrote: Ildikó Kóródiné Kovács, Szilvia Sarkadi-Nagy
These dates should be entered in your calendar if you would like to proceed in time with your PIT return.
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until January 31, 2018:  Payer/Employer Statements will started to be issued on the income paid and taxes, contributions and healthcare contribution deducted in 2017 (on 17M30-e form and certificate of contribution)

until February 15, 2018:  Issuing certificates giving access to allowances (in the case of voluntary funds)

until February 16, 2018: Deadline for filing private entrepreneurs’ PIT return

from March 15, 2018: Those with Customer portal registration can access a draft personal income tax return prepared by the tax authority

until March 19, 2018: In case of those not having a customer portal registration, the deadline for applying for a draft tax return delivered by post (sms, by post)

until April 30, 2018: Sending the draft tax return prepared by the tax authority by post requested until March 19 by those not having a customer portal registration

until May 22, 2018: The deadline for filing a tax return, paying tax arrears (form 17SZJA), correcting, supplementing and approving the draft tax returns and making a declaration on the 1% offering.

Deadline for submitting declarations on 1+1%:

In case of those filing a self-assessment tax return:
• private entrepreneurs:   February 26,  2018
• private individuals:    May 22, 2018

In case of tax assessed by the tax authority / approving the draft tax return of the tax authority:    May 22, 2018.

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PIT return in Hungary: the most important deadlines



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