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How to provide for 1+1% of your tax in Hungary?

| Wrote: Ildikó Kóródiné-Kovács
As a private individual, this year you may decide again to offer 1% of your tax paid to a non-governmental organization and another 1% to a church or the National Talent Program.
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The deadline for this, just like that of filing the tax return, is May 20, 2020.  For more information about deadlines for filing a PIT return, please read this article >>
The Hungarian Tax Authority published on its website the civil organizations (with tax number, name and the address of their registered office), churches and special appropriations (with technical numbers for 2019) to whom the 1+1% tax can be offered.

Regardless of how you file your personal income tax return for 2019, you may decide on offering 1+1% of your tax either when you file your tax return or separately.

If the Tax Authority prepares a draft tax return for you and you do not modify or add special provisions to that for the 1+1% tax until May 20, you will forfeit the opportunity for this 1+1% provision.


The provision may be submitted:

  • as part of your personal income tax return until May 20, 2020 (electronically through the customer portal, by post or in person in the customer service offices of the HungarianTax Authority)
  • you may also provide for the 1+1% of your PIT tax on e-SZJA online interface with the online form-filling system when you modify your draft tax return online
  • separately from your tax return, directly to the Hungarian Tax Authority until May 20, 2020
  • on form 19EGYSZA (electronically through the customer portal, by post or in person in the customer service offices of the Hungarian Tax Authority, in a sealed envelope indicating your tax ID on it)
  • the form can be downloaded from the website of the Hungarian Tax Authority
  • separately as a statement with a data content identical to that of form19EGYSZA in a sealed envelope with your tax ID on it (by post or in person in the customer service offices of the Hungarian Tax Authority)

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