Water utility providers

Water utility providers have faced interesting law changes in recent years. Only appropriate responses to these changes can be the guarantee of safe operation.

Reducing overhead costs
The government's overhead reduction program poses harsh challenges for service providers. Utility providers have already encountered financial problems as a result of recovery difficulties so far. However, the legislation and the administrative obligations imposed by the owner mean further expenses.

Other trustees
Almost all the state-owned water utility providers have faced the problem that has been required by a government decree. The service providers have already offered several proposals to solve the problem but the owenr or the holder of the property rights has not taken the final decision yet. In case of some service providers, the issue is complicated by the ongoing investigation of the tax authorities.

Management of utility contribution charges
Regarding the contributions collected by utility providers, some interesting quesrions always arise. For example, what happens to the collected contributions if the service provider ceases to exist or how to manage investments carried out by means of utility contributions, and what investments can be carried out from these sources at all? Our team of experts can be an excellent choice to answer these and similar questions.

Water load fee
This relatively new obligation has given to rise to a number of problems for the service providers. Management of the investments and settlements do not clearly follow from the legislation. So far we have managed to obtain tax official resolutions on various topics of water load fees, so our well-founded opinion can provide quick help in this topic.

Our consulting and auditing services proved to be helpful for many companies of the water utility sector. Our references obtained from state, metropolitan or municipal service providers offer guarantees that we have comprehensive and deep lnowledge about this industry as well.

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