It is necessary for retailers to have continuous access to information about turnover and results.

Adequate IT background
The operation of several commercial units and shops requires an IT system that can handle the financial-accounting and inventory data up to date. Nowadays, the accounting of daily revenue or the managament of bank card payments can be handled more effectively automated with an appropriate accounting software. The management shall report on these information on a timely basis in order that the system be operated in the most effective way.

Tax and labor risks
Retailers and shopkeepers are regular victims of the ongoing tax and labor inspections, so keeping their records and documentation updated is essential for their operation. Incomplete time sheets, incorrdect notifications and inaccurate job descriptions may impair the functioning of an entire company during an audit.

Business establishment
It seems to be a simple investment, but many companies have considerable difficulty with managing investments on the leased property, the determination of depreciation, or the VAT implications of the investments. If the rental agreement is terminated, it may cost a fortune for the taxpayers if they do not consult with a tax advisor before entering into a contract.

Our experts meet the most exciting tax and accounting questions every day that may affect a company engaged in retail. Thus, we are able to provide fast and effective solutions in the areas of accounting, payroll, employment, auditing and tax advisory services as well.

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