Hungary due to its geographic location and excellent infrastucture, is a popular hub of producer, manufacturer logistics companies.

Special operations, special accounting knowledge
The operating characteristics of logistics companies shall be reflected by financial and accounting records. Otherwise, their financial statements will result in continuous self-revisions and a lot of tax risks. Operation of an efficient and effective financial and accounting system can be provided only with appropriate knowledge of the industry.

Tax specialities
Due to their activities logistics companies operate in several countries. Accordingly, lawful operation required a lot of tax knowledge. Knowledge of these fiscal costs can greatly influence price formation and hence affects efficiency.

Identification of transactions
Identification of costs incurred in connection of services in different countries can be a problem. The legitimacy of costs incurred or the rationality of rates is difficultto judge from a afr away country.

Companies have to face rapid market growth, cross-border services and the legal requirements of various countries.Owing to our MGI membership, broad industry experience and references we are able to identify and solve cross-border problems. Thanks to the helpful advice of our colleagues, we can help companies operate effectively and lawfully.

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