Software and application developement

Our clientele includes software development companies with a few employees as well as Hungarian development centers of multinational companies.

Software development
Hungary is worldwide recognized for for its software development professionals, which is, on the one hand, due to exceptional abilities, on the other hand, favorable cost standards. So it is not surprising that several multinational companies located their development centers to Hungary, but supplier opportunities of small development companies are also excellent. The larger a company is and the more people they employ, the more administrative work is required and the greater the need for planning costs.

IT Services
The maintenance of smaller or larger IT systems requires specialized expertise, so it often belongs to contracted services. For the development of appropriate pricing policies, companies continuously have to monitor their expenses in order to ensure their financial results. Their principals continuously monitor the operation of their suppliers, as a poor financial situation may affect the safety and sustainability of services.

Research and Development
Following the traditions of the past century, Hungary, compared to its size, is still at the forefront of developing new patents and technologies. The value of such company depends mainly on patents, but it may significantly be impaired by their inaccurate or incomplete financial-accounting information. In many cases, incorrect financial settlement of patents can lead to tax risks.

To finance development or investments, many companies make use of domestic or direct EU financial support. The disbursement of a grant is followed by strict financial settlements. Regardless of a successful development or the execution of an investment, if the financial/accounting system does not support it in accordance with the requirements, the whole grant may go to waste.

With innovative and reliable services our experienced professionals enable companies to meet the most diverse demands. IT companies are eager to focus on their own activities, that is why our outsources services are extremely popular. Out of our security providing audit services, beside the audit of annual financial statements, we are entrusted with the audit of direct EU and domestic grants on a regular basis.

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