Recruitment process

Recruitment process

Recruitment process step by step at BPO AUDIT TAX

1. Getting started

Get to know us! Browse our website, check out our Facebook page and thus get an insight into our daily life and a fresh impression on us.
The open positions are available on our website. Choose the position that seems most suitable for you on the sites of current job vacancies and traineeship positions.
Tips to prepare your CV:

  • Compare the position applied with your CV. Then ask yourself if you meet the expectations for sure.
  • Your CV should always be structured and transparent. Check it several times; do not miss any spelling mistakes. It’s a good idea to ask someone else to read it for review.
  • Send your CV with a photo of you.

2. Online application
After entering the key data and information, please attach your CV. 
If you have not found an open position now that would meet your expectations, you may upload your CV here so that when a position appropriate for your professional experience and studies is available, we could contact you.

3. Interview, recruitment test
We will carefully examine your application and CV and provided that your educational and professional experiences meet our expectations, we will contact you by phone to arrange a meeting to meet each other in person.
In the first round, there is going to be an HR interview and a recruitment test. You can also expect a task in Excel and an English language interview depending on the position applied.
In the second round a professional manager will also participate in the interview, where questions relating to professional issues are also to be expected.

Tips for the interview:

  • Get to know us! You can find useful and interesting information of us on our website and FB page that may help you in the interview.
  • Arrive on time! We expect to meet you at the time agreed in advance.
  • Be calm and confident. We will treat you as a partner in the interview because it is not only we who choose, but you, too!
  • We are very interested in you, so give personal examples for us to get to know you better.
  • Attempt to answer the questions honestly!
  • Be interested, feel free to ask!

4. Feedback/Offer
We give feedback to each candidate about their applications.
If we have chosen you to fill the position, we will discuss the details in a personal offer.

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