Our values

Our main values in daily operation: professional competence, due care, objectivity, fairness, and our international relations.

The community of BPO is closely bound by our faith in the values that determine our daily operation:


We represent our Clients' interest by being familiar with the ethical and moral expectations of our profession. In the course of our assignments, we give legal advice which conform to the legislative provisions. We follow the independence requirements relating to auditors and document them on the basis of the standards for auditors.


We focus on facts rather than assumptions. Our good reputation is due to our objective findings and sincere communication.

Professional competence and due care

We only undertake assignments that meet the skills we have. We provide our services carefully, taking into account the interests of our Clients. Our tailor-made solutions are clear, understandable and fast.


We keep the information acquired in our work confidential, and share it with third party only with our Clients' consent or legal obligation. Your finances are safe at BPO.

Dignified behavior

Our good reputation is the basis for our assignments, therefore, the behavior of our colleagues, both during and outside working hours, supports the esteem of our profession.

International relations

We help our clients with cross-border advice to develop a safe and sustainable operation. We are in close personal contact with our partner offices, so we believe that if we recommend a partner office abroad, our clients will make use of a service that they could expect from us.

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