1. How can I apply to BPO?
Our open positions are available on our website and FB page.
Browse through our list of current vacancies, register on our website and attach your CV.

2. Can I apply for more than one position at a time?
Definitely! When filling out the application form, select the positions for which you wish to apply.

3. What happens after I’ve applied to you?
We’ll peruse your application and if it meets the requirements of the position(s) selected, we will contact you by phone to arrange a personal interview.

4. How long does a selection process last at BPO?
We try to find the most suitable people for the open positions, so some selection processes might happen to be lengthy, but we will send you a feedback of your application in each case.

5. I don’t find an open position that would interest me, but I’d like to send my CV. Where can I send my application?
It is possible to apply to us in general, regardless of positions. Thus, your CV will be added to our database and if there is an open position that meets your professional experiences and studies, we’ll contact you on the availabilities provided by you.

6. What professional test is to be expected?
Professional tests are in all cases complied in accordance with the requirements of the positions. Do not be afraid, we do not ask for more than is expected for the given position! Sometimes both theoretical and practical exercises can be expected.

7. You have further questions?
Feel free to write as: hr@mgi-bpo.hu

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