Company history

BPO was established in 2001 (decisive accounting services, payroll, labor and audit services). In 2005 we have joined to the internationall MGI group.

BPO was established in 2001. Using experiences acquired in multinational environment, our aim was to create a service culture that combines professionalism characteristic of international companies with the caring spirit of family businesses.
Our clientele has gradually increased over the years. We have received more and more interesting and big assignments and we have not shrunk from the challenges. We are very proud that the majority of our initial clients are still with us today. Our team has also constantly expanded and we had to realize that we grew out our offices.

Since our foundation, we had been looking for the possibility of international cooperation. As a result, we found MGI Worldwide with CPAAI international alliance, of which we have been the only Hungarian member since 2005. With this, our chance for international cooperation came, which is still very effective and efficient to our clients' satisfaction.
Our services have also expanded steadily: the initially decisive accounting services have been complemented with payroll, labor and later with audit services.

We provide our services through the following companies:

BPO-TAX Tax and Accounting Services Ltd..
Managing directors: Sarkadi-Nagy Szilvia
Tax number: 13127033-2-42
Könyvviteli Szolgáltatások, Bér és Munkaügyi Szolgáltatások, Adótanácsadói Szolgáltatások (operatív jellegűek) Accounting, Payroll, Labor and Tax Advisory Services (operational)

BPO-AUDITAuditing and Management Consulting Ltd.
Managing directors: Miszori Ildikó, Killik László
Tax number: 13314664-2-42
Auditing and Tax Advisory Services

BPO Economic Development and Consulting Ltd.
Managing director: Sarkadi-Nagy Szilvia
Tax number: 12637670-2-42
Accounting Services (Seat Services, Financial Representation)

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