Traineeship program

We love our profession here at BPO and would like others to have the opportunity to get to know it. This is why we have been hosting accountant, auditor, HR and payroll accountant trainees for more than 10 years now. In addition to confirming the mandatory traineeship period, lots of theses have been prepared with our help. We are proud of the knowledge we provided and our trainees who started their careers with us.

At BPO we have been hosting trainees since 2003: within the framework of our traineeship program, we provide an opportunity for the students of economic universities and colleges to acquire a practice that can greatly help them write their theses and confer significant advantage after graduation.
In the past 15 years, a total of 61 students had the opportunity to fulfill their practice-oriented traineeships program beside their studies, in flexible working hours.
We have engaged the best 19 of them after their traineeship was fulfilled to join our team of dedicated and talented experts.
Currently, thirteen of them reinforce the team of BPO AUDIT TAX in the following positions: 6 operative accountants, 2 junior and 2 senior accountants, 2 accounting manager and 1 audit assistant, who have been working for with us since their traineeship. They, like all of us at BPO, give their best every day to carry out their work.  They have become valuable members of our team, thus they belong to a community in which we listen to each other and appreciate and help each other’s work.

Who can apply to us for a traineeship?
Even you can apply to us, if you are a student of an economic university or college and would like to try your hands in this business. Taking into account your timetable, you assume that you spend a few hours at BPO. You have some theoretical knowledge that you can demonstrate by writing our trainee test and during a personal interview.
You can also fulfill your mandatory traineeship at BPO, while we also welcome the application of students who wish to gain valuable work experience beside your studies.

How many trainees can come to BPO?
Depending on the period, we can provide traineeship opportunity to 4-6 trainees. Of course, it depends on our current projects and the business season as well.

How do I find out if there is available traineeship?
Traineeship opportunities are published primarily on our homepage and on our Facebook page. The easiest way is to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter.

What shall I do to be a trainee at BPO?
First of all study a lot! If you do, then the first step of your application is to fill out our application for registration with your CV attached. The best applicants will be requested to come to our office for a personal interview.

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