• Virtual Talent meeting 2021: Focus on Personal Branding

    Virtual Talent meeting 2021: Focus on Personal Branding

    | Wrote: BPO
    Virtual Talent meeting 2021: Focus on Personal Branding More about us
  • MGI Talent Meeting

    BPO travel blog: MGI Talent Meeting London, we were there

    | Wrote: BPO
    On January 10-11, London hosted the MGI Worldwide Talent meeting, which was held twice before with great success, where we represented BPO with 4 people. In this event, gathering talented colleagues from this profession in London, there were nearly 80 talented MGI colleagues besides us who came from different parts of Europe to learn more about each other, professional issues and the business processes of other countries. More about us
  • Client Satisfaction 2016

    Client Satisfaction 2016

    | Wrote: Dorottya Fakó
    Client Satisfaction 2016. We prepared our current survey in 2016 as well: we made our online questionnaire available for all our clients between September and November. During this period clients had the opportunity to give us detailed feedback on a voluntary basis. At BPO we believe our personalized services are one of our strengths beside our high level of professional knowledge. That is why we have paid special attention to our clients’ satisfaction from the beginning asking them from time to time to give us a feedback. More about us
  • MGI ranked in top 10 for Europe

    MGI ranked in top 10 for Europe

    | Wrote: MGI World
    MGI ranked in top 10 for Europe. MGI members from the Europe and UK & Ireland areas made the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) top ten last year. More about us
  • Getting out of the ravine of expectations

    | Wrote: László Killik
    Getting out of the ravine of expectations - Auditors and the broker scandal. The broker scandal of the decade is in the focus of attention now in Hungary. The auditor society is in a serious moral crisis. Auditors are proclaimed to be a kind of scapegoat by the government and the media. Everyone should assume their responsibility for the development of this crisis, but in addition no specific plan or proposal has been suggested so far which could prevent the emergence of similar situations in the future or at least make it more difficult. More about us

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Professional skills are expected in business life, but for us it is equally important the business empathy. We continuously get both from BPO.

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